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    Focus Group discussions “Understanding Water consumption behaviours in a Resource constrained setting

IIMB-CCGC-Focus Group discussions on “Understanding Water consumption behaviours in a Resource constrained setting.

July 18 2017: University of Birmingham has initiated a project on water and sustainability in resource constrained setting led by Prof. Serafim Bakalis (Chemical Engineering), Dr. Vivek Soundararajan (Business) and Dr. Diana Gregory-Smith (Business). P&G is closely guiding this project. The aim of this project is to understand water consumption behaviour of consumers in developing countries. India has been chosen as a target due to its own growing population leading to strain on resource such as availability of water. This research is valuable in understanding water use behaviours among Indian consumers and the role played by basic needs, costs and other constraints and environmental and health concerns/issues. The research focuses on examining both rational and emotional drivers of (lack) of water saving, which will shed a better light on the way India consumers make decision related to water use.

Overall, this research will have practical implications such as:

a) To inform the design of social marketing communications that focus on informing and encouraging India consumers to save water or to use water more efficiently given various resource constraints;

b) Could lead to the co-creation of solutions to resource constraints and environmental and health issues in developing countries such as India. "