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    IIMB Centre for Corporate and Citizenship & HCL Foundation : CSR for Nation Building

IIMB Centre for Corporate and Citizenship & HCL Foundation: CSR for Nation Building

Bangalore: The purpose of this symposium was to bring together NGOs, Government, Corporate Partners and Individuals on one platform to
provide in-depth understanding about Corporate Social Responsibility and how it contributes to Nation Building.
HCL Grant is one of the biggest CSR Grants of India, which identifies NGOs doing path-breaking work in rural development through an institutionalized, independent, robust and democratic process. It is the participation of NGOs from all states of India and Union Territories, that makes it so unique. This edition of HCL Grant remains focused on rural development in the categories of Environment, Health, and Education.
Around 115 participants and 95 non-governmental organizations(NGOs) participated in a day-long symposium.
Professor. Vasanthi Srinivasan IIMB-Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management moderated the panel discussion: Challenges and Opportunities for local area development : 
·        Education
·        Health
·        Environment