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    Participate Now:Research on people's behaviour towards water consumption

University of Birmingham (UoB) has initiated a project on water and sustainability in resource constrained setting led by Dr. Serafim Bakali, Dr. Vivek Soundararajan & Dr. Diana Gregory-Smith.

A pilot study has been proposed in India to understand consumer perception of water and sustainability and the factors that could influence consumer perception. India has been chosen as a target country due to its growing population leading to strain on resources such as availability of water.

Rishi Sher Singh is supporting UoB for collecting data through an online survey, focused groups and in-person interview. 

Please participate in our online survey by clicking this here. We encourage you to forward this within your networks in India. 

We appreciate your time and inputs. Thanks very much for supporting this important study! 


Best wishes,

Rishi Sher Singh & Dr. Vivek Soundararajan